Metric (with Joywave) at The Moore Theatre Feb 21, 2016

Posted on February 12, 2016, 3:18 pm
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Metric returns to Seattle on Sunday, February 21, touring their latest album Pagans in Vegas. Over the years, the band has transitioned from a gritty, indie-rock sound toward a synth-driven outfit. And IIIIIII love it. The sound may have gotten slicker, but at heart Metric remains more genuinely cerebral and oppositional than most studio acts will allow themselves to be. The grit lies within and takes pop-weened audiences by surprise in a good way.

(On a personal note, by sheer luck I ended up drinking with several members at Needle + Thread years ago and I can also attest to them being SUPER lovely and down-to-earth in person. Knowing that makes the music even better, IMHO.)

I love that they are playing at The Moore Theatre, too. It’s patinated, old-world grandeur will be a complementary atmosphere for their music (both the old stuff and the new stuff), from the solemn to the frenetic.

New York-based indie rockers Joywave opens. Check out their SoundCloud.

Metric in Seattle (with Joywave)

When: Sunday, February 21. Doors at 7:30 PM

Where: The Moore Theatre (1932 2nd Avenue)

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