Pioneer Square Art Gallery Guide, February 2016

It’s time again for First Thursday Art Walk in Pioneer Square! Our top picks for the month include a few shows that started in January and end just before Valentine’s Day. That leaves limited time to see it all, so art lovers who can’t usually get to the galleries during the day should make an effort to check out some of these great shows. I’m starting this list with what I consider to be the must-see show of the month: North End Fabrice Monteiro’s Marrons at Mariane Ibrahim Gallery – Personal Pick I have written here and elsewhere about Fabrice Monteiro‘s series Gorean Summer, which shows revelers on the shores of GorĂ©e Island, which was historically one of Senegal’s most notorious slave trade sites. In his earlier series Marrons, we get a window into that dark history. Monteiro had replicas of slave harnesses and masks made by local artisans and then placed these objects on models. He did not direct the models to show any specific emotion when he photographed them. Audiences see the real face of a human who has just been weighted down with an instrument of oppression, and in those expressions of sadness, shock and anger, one … Continue reading Pioneer Square Art Gallery Guide, February 2016