On The Town: 5th Annual Abmeyer+Wood Collector and Artist Appreciation Party

Posted on January 27, 2016, 9:00 am
3 mins


Photos by Tiffany Bri

Seattle art-goers had more than a reprieve from the rain to look forward to this past weekend. On Friday, January 22, Abmeyer+Wood Fine Art Gallery held their 5th Annual Collector and Artist Appreciation Party in honor of their supporters and featured artists, which turned into a lively party with a close-knit crowd.

A gorgeous space no matter the occasion, the Abmeyer+Wood Gallery was decked out in pieces from several artists who will be featured in this year’s upcoming exhibitions (including Catherine Eaton Skinner, Calvin Ma and Patti Warashina). More than just a preview of the year to come, the pieces served as a visual thank-you to all the contributors and supporters.

As the guests continuously trickled in, they were greeted with the option of wine (a standard at any gallery party) or, as a fun twist, sake. Sushi catered from Japonessa and the continuous popping of sake bottles added a bit of quirk to the celebration, and the evening effortlessly grew into a successful party, as old acquaintances reunited and new connections were made.

Director and owner of Abmeyer+Wood Jonathan Wood had an impressive attentiveness and genuine care about each and every guest. In a city that may seem a little cold in more ways than one, Jonathan’s warm and personable demeanor is enormously inviting. Not only has his presence greatly contributed to Seattle’s contemporary art scene (check out Vanguard Seattle writer Claire Reiner’s 2013 profile of him here), but also stands as a model of professional integrity.

The Collector and Artist Appreciation Party was a soiree that felt intimate right away, even though I didn’t know every single person in the room. The environment Wood created made it easy to meet Patti Warashina, an artist I greatly admire. Patti was just as I had read about, with a great sense of humor that translates into much of her work. At the party she was able to reconnect with old friend Patricia Watkinson, board member of ArtTable. Seeing women of such talent and achievement together was empowering and motivating, especially considering Seattle is at such a crossroads of societal and cultural shifts.

At the height of the evening, Jonathan made a quick toast to all who have supported the gallery over the years, and left everyone with an eagerness for the talent-filled year to come. We’re looking forward to it, starting with a solo show by Catherine Eaton Skinner opening on February 4, 2016. Get a peek on the gallery’s website. See photos from the night below.