Now Playing at a Landmark Theatre Near You, January 21-28, 2016

Posted on January 21, 2016, 8:00 am
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Greetings, film fans. There’s nothing brand new at Landmark Theatres this weekend, but worry not, because there’s still a lot of great cinema to catch up on to prepare for the upcoming award season. Here’s what’s playing at each theater this Thursday, January 21 through Thursday, January 28.

Guild 45th Theatre

Where: 2115 N 45th St. (Wallingford)

anomalisa-098_0Anomalisa, directed by Charlie Kaufman and Duke Johnson is the grown-up answer to the Academy’s “Best Animated Feature” category. This bizarre and heartbreaking film features stop-motion puppetry like nothing you’ve seen before, along with awesome voice performances by David Thewlis, Jennifer Jason Leigh and Tom Noonan. I would have loved to see Anomalisa get a best screenplay nomination, but I rarely get what I want. As an added bonus, check out Kaufman’s letter to Landmark about his film and the intricacies of movement. Read my review here.

Today through next Thursday (1/21-28): 5, 7:30 and 9:45 PM.

Next is Carol, directed by Todd Haynes. Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara star as two women in love in 1950s Manhattan: What could go wrong? Carol’s been nominated for six Oscars, including Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress for Blanchett and Mara, Adapted Screenplay, Cinematography, Costume Design and Score.

Thursday (1/21): 4:30 and 9:45pm
Friday (1/22): 4:30, 7 and 9:30pm
Saturday and Sunday (1/23-24): 2, 4:30, 7 and 9:30pm
Monday (1/25): 4:30 and 9pm
Tuesday (1/26): 4:30, 7 and 9:30pm
Wednesday and Thursday (1/27-28): 4:30, 7 and 9:40pm

Seven Gables Theatre

Where: 911 NE 50th St. (U-District)

Mustang, directed by Deniz Gamze Ergüven, chronicles five sisters as they face increasing limits on their freedom in a small village in Northern Turkey. This is France’s selection in the best Foreign Film Category, and the one I’m most eager to see. Director and Co-writer Ergüven tells us more about the film in her letter to Landmark.

Today and Friday (1/21-1/22): 4:45pm
Saturday and Sunday (1/23-24): 2:30 and 4:45pm
Monday-Thursday (1/25-28): 4:45pm

brooklynBrooklyn is a small little film about an Irish immigrant in 1950s Brooklyn that’s gotten a lot of big attention. The film is directed by John Crowley and stars Saoirse Ronan, along with Emory Cohan and Domhnall Gleeson as the men vying for her affection. Brooklyn racked up three Oscar nominations, including Best Picture, Best Actress for Ronan and Best Adapted Screenplay for Nick Hornby. Crowley tells us more about the film in his filmmaker letter.

Today through next Thursday (1/21-28): 7 and 9:30pm

Crest Cinema Center

Where: 16505 5th Ave. NE (Shoreline)

The Crest Cinema in Shoreline is a great place to catch up on all the films you’ve missed during their initial release at a bargain price. Here’s a pro tip about the theater: Parking can be a real pain and the prime-time pictures sell out quickly, so you’ll do well to arrive early.

Room, directed by Lenny Abrahamson, was one of my favorite films of 2015, and so worth seeing in theaters. It has four Academy Award nominations, including Best Picture, Best Director for Abrahamson, Best Adapted Screenplay for Emma Donahue (from her own novel) and Best Actress for Brie Larson, which she will almost certainly win. Her co-star, Jacob Tremblay, a super adorable and talented nine year old, was, as they say, “robbed.”  You can read Abrahamson’s Filmmaker Letter here.

Today (1/21): 7pm
Friday (1/22): 4:15, 7 and 9:30pm
Saturday and Sunday (1/23-24): 1:45, 4:15, 7 and 9:30pm
Monday-Thursday (1/25-28): 7 and 9:30pm

Bridge-of-Spies-8Bridge of Spies, directed by Steven Spielberg, features Tom Hanks as a Brooklyn lawyer during the Cold War. And that is the entire extent of my knowledge of this film, nominated for 6 academy awards, including Best Picture, supporting actor for Mark Rylance, Adapted Screenplay by Matt Charman and Joel and Ethan Coen (who knew!), Production Design, Original Score and Sound Mixing (but not sound editing. That’s weird.)

Today (1/21): 7:45pm
Friday (1/22): 4:30 and 7:45pm
Saturday and Sunday (1/23-24): 1:15, 4:30 and 7:45pm
Monday-Thursday (1/25-28): 7:45pm

Spectre is the latest in the James Bond franchise, starring Daniel Craig and Christopher Waltz. Some people love the new Bond film, some hate it, and some people, like me, are utterly indifferent. The film’s got one nomination for Best Original Song: “Writing’s on the Wall” by Sam Smith and James Napier. 

Today (1/21): 8pm
Friday (1/22): 4:45 and 8pm
Saturday and Sunday (1/23-24): 1:30, 4:45 and 8pm
Monday-Thursday (1/25-28): 8pm

themartianThe Martian, directed by Ridley Scott, stars Matt Damon as an astronaut stranded on Mars and left for dead. The odds are against him: Can he make it? Tonight’s the night I finally get around to seeing this film. My question will finally be answered: Will the martian survive this harrowing ordeal? My gut says yes. If he dies, I hardly think the Golden Globes could justify its win this year for Best Musical or Comedy. The Martian’s 7 Academy Award nominations include: Best Picture, Best Actor for Damon, Adapted Screenplay for Drew Goddard, Production Design, Sound Mixing, Sound Editing and Visual Effects.

Todayn (1/21): 6:45 and 9:40pm
Friday (1/22): 4, 6:45 and 9:45pm
Saturday and Sunday (1/23-24): 1, 4, 6:45 and 9:40pm
Monday-Thursday (1/25-28): 6:45 and 9:40pm

For more info on all these theatres and movies, visit Landmark Theatres Seattle.

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