Wayward Music Series Presents: Nick Demopoulos + Vance Galloway, Jan. 15

Posted on January 11, 2016, 4:26 pm
36 secs


On Friday, January 15, musician Nick Demopoulos joins scores of global artists and performers presented by Nonsequitur’s Wayward Music Series at Good Shepherd Center. Demopoulos’ musical prowess and mathematical mind merge into an aural and visual feast of melody, rhythm and technology. Electronic guitarist Vance Galloway opens the show; check out his Soundcloud for a taste.

From the website:

Smomid is a project where musician Nick Demopoulos performs on a touch sensitive guitar called a Smomid™, which is an acronym for String Modeling Midi Device, and Pyramidi™, a triangular midi interface resembling a console. Both of these instruments, which he designed and built, emit light as well as sound. These instruments allow Nick to control beats, harmonies, manipulate audio samples, play melodies and program high powered LEDs to interact with his compositions. Using this instrument allows Nick to explore his interests in Algorithmic Composition, Artificial Intelligence, and Fractal Rhythms, and allow him to easily alternate among several unorthodox and microtonal tunings.

Tickets are $5-15 by donation, available at the door.

Nick Demopoulos and Vance Galloway at Wayward Music Series

When: Friday, January 15, 8 PM

Where: Chapel Performance Space, Good Shepherd Center (4649 Sunnyside Ave N)

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