The Style Fold: Billy and Piper O’Neill

Posted on November 23, 2015, 9:33 pm
2 mins


This month’s style fold features one of Seattle’s most fashionable and artistic couples: Piper and Billy O’Neill.

Billy O’Neill has been an influential member of the art world for many years through his work at Chihuly Studios, where he was Vice President of Operations for almost a decade, then Vice President of Sales and Marketing before starting his own branding company in recent years. He also started working in the wine world to create a product that would benefit local non-profits and charitable organizations, starting in 2005 with Billy O Wines, which paired winemaker Eric Dunham with Dale Chihuly artwork. A portion of sales proceeds still supports local charities. In 2008, he and Piper launched the 65 Roses Project, a limited run of 65 cases of customized wine, auctioned to benefit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Piper is a talented multi-media artist represented locally by Winston Wächter and with many prestigious residencies and commissions under her belt (e.g. Museum of Glass, MadArt). She also serves on the executive and marketing committees for The Pratt Fine Arts Center. (Learn more about her work in our 2012 interview with her.)

Vanguard Seattle Editor and Chief, Sarah Caples, and I spent an afternoon in the home of this dynamic duo for this month’s Style Fold shoot. The beautifully renovated warehouse is a tribute to the meeting of two highly individual people that combines comfort and grandeur. When working on a large-scale artwork, Piper has room to spread out. When it is time to welcome guests, it’s an ideal space for a party—and you know that these two host a great party with seemingly effortless style. Perhaps most importantly, it gives ample space for their young German Shepherd Charlie Bronson to romp around. I think they’ve figured this ‘living’ thing out.

Have a glimpse into the lives of Billy and Piper O’Neill in the gallery below.

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