Openings and Arrivals: Alexandria Rossoff is a Gem on 4th Avenue

Posted on November 19, 2015, 4:05 pm
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In the heart of downtown Seattle resides a precious gem. Her name is Alexandria Rossoff, a well-known jewelry historian who travels far and wide as a “purveyor of antique jewels and rare finds.” She has the innate ability to uncover treasures wherever she visits, and it delights her to bring them home to present to her international clientele. With the opening of her new street-level store located in the Rainier Square complex, it is easier than ever to see these little marvels.

While strolling down 4th Avenue, you will be drawn to her shop’s grand picture windows and the stately, eye-catching displays, which set the stage for the most exquisitely designed and thoughtfully chosen pieces. As you open the door, you feel the excitement rise inside of you, as if peeking inside a treasure chest filled with precious heirlooms. Floor-to-ceiling windows admit ample natural light to better view the glow of pearls and the fire of diamonds.

In the apt words of her website, her offerings “recall a romance from historical times and practices.” You will rarely find such craftsmanship in jewelry made today. Historic antique jewelry is eco-friendly as Alex sources her gems out of the vintage estate and antique markets. Thus exemplifying her commitment to protecting and recycling our precious resources. The collection at Alexandria Rossoff is hand-picked to represent many eras—Georgian, Victorian, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Retro and Mid-Century. As an owner of an Alexandria Rossoff piece, one is a steward of it, carrying forward a legacy of human craft and ingenuity, steeped in tradition.

In our December issue, I’ll be sharing more about Alexandria’s story and her passion, the history of jewelry.
I was so inspired by her work that I was moved to close with a little lyricism:

The twinkle of the light’s reflection
the brightly colored sparkling jewels
inside the case…you’ll want to spy them
which gem will whisper to your soul
“will you please keep me?”
one, two, three, or four?
to become a cherished heirloom
for you to love…….forevermore!

Alexandria Rossoff is located at 1304 Fourth Avenue. Seattle, WA 98101.
For more information: “” or call (206) 381-3949

Lois Castelli-Leff is a Long Island transplant, 28 years in Seattle. She has a degree in fashion merchandising from FIT and BA in textiles and merchandising from SUNY at Oneonta. Her work experience includes fashion sales and styling at Macy's NYC and Nordstrom. She held regional sales executive position at both Perry Ellis and Anne Klein and has an extensive background in showroom sales, trade shows and fashion show production. Her community service includes serving as an art docent through the Frye Art Museum and speech coach at Our Lady of Fatima, choreographer for the Magnolia Theatre, and is a member of the Katie McKay Circle. Lois founded her business, Senti, in 2010 producing glass crosses. She has three beautiful children and a dog, Baci.

One Response to: Openings and Arrivals: Alexandria Rossoff is a Gem on 4th Avenue

  1. Brenda

    November 25th, 2015

    I have loved popping into the store and chatting with Alex since she was first at Rainier Square – Alex is incredibly knowledgeable, and isn’t into pushy sales. Tell her your budget and what you’re looking for, and she’ll steer you to what works within those parameters.

    So glad she’s back on street level!