On The Town: City Arts and Blue Moon Present Fall Art Walk Awards

Posted on October 21, 2015, 8:00 am
2 mins


Photos by Tiffany Bri

On Thursday October 15, City Arts Magazine held their quarterly Art Walk Awards party, sponsored by Blue Moon. During the summer awards party, Sole Repair Shop kept its large garage doors open to cool the dancing crowds, but on this mild autumn night the space was closed up for a cozier experience with the same celebratory vibe, as attendees voted for their favorite among nine works shown during summer art walks.

The nine finalists were chosen by guest judges Martha Dunham of Dendroica Gallery, Elisheba Johnson of the Seattle Office of Arts and Culture, and Greg Lundgren of Vital 5 Productions and Lundgren Monuments. The array of works chosen by this eclectic panel ranged from completely abstract to high-concept, which made it all the more difficult to vote for just one.

Finalist Amber Anderson was found on the dance floor celebrating with friends. Humble and happy, she was nominated for her work displayed at Ghost Gallery in September. The other finalists were Sue Danielson (showing at studio e gallery), Nathan DiPietro (at Woodside Braseth Gallery), Kristin Zwiers (at Photographic Center Northwest), Cait Willis (at Under The Sea Gallery), C. Davida Ingram (at Out of Sight), Lisa Snow Lady (at Lisa Harris Gallery), Polina Tereshina (at Artifact Gallery) and Jenny Heishman (at James Harris Gallery). Other artists we spotted included Paul Kuniholm Pauper, Ellie Dicola and Lucien Pellgerin.

The venue was well set up to display art at every turn as we made our way through the crowd. Summer’s heat has subsided, yet a quick step outside was still necessary as the space warmed with bodies dancing to beats provided by DJ TOPSPIN aka BLENDIANA JONES. A music switch up happened at just the right moment in the evening, and as the genre of music changed, guests unleashed moves they’d been reserving all night.

Stay tuned for an announcement of the finalized date for the upcoming Art Walk Awards. For those looking to get more immersed in the Seattle visual arts scene, the Art Walk Awards are a great place to start.