August 2015 Letter From The Editor: Easy Living

Posted on August 03, 2015, 8:00 am
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Dear Reader,

Summertime…and the living is easy. It has been a fantastic summer here in Seattle. The writers have been going to great first-time art events, shows, concerts and catching our readers up on social media. We’ve come across a few parties with party favors from companies dealing with legal cannabis products, which has added an even easier vibe to the hot summer weather. And then there’s Hempfest…

It made sense to make “Easy Living” the theme for August, which made me think of Easy Rider for my style inspiration in “He’s My Mister” where I recommend three distinct leather jackets for men in my article: He’s My Mister Easy Living as Easy Rider.

Along those lines we have a photo story on local leather goods designer Ozen Company done by VS photographer Tiffany Bri in our latest Style Fold: Ozen Company. For those of you who follow Seattle designers, you will remember this company as the winner of the 2013 Independent Designer Runway Show.

Society writer Sarah Cardoza had a great time checking out several scenes from town and country. Seattle experienced its inaugural Seattle Art Fair, brought to us by Vulcan, and it was quite a to-do, bringing major galleries from around the world, which also brought droves of collectors and enthusiasts. To add to the happening, a group of local movers and shakers put on a satellite exhibit in King Street Station called Out of Sight. Brilliant local artists were shown, and the crowd was young and hip. Between those two events we got to experience and see a rich community all around us—and a stylish one, too.

Sarah Cardoza and VS photographer Tiffany Bri also enjoyed polo for the first time as they spent a weekend attending The Seattle Polo and Equestrian Club’s second annual tournament. They stomped the divots, rated hats, socialized around the tailgaters and VIP tent, while swooning over the appealing polo players. This wonderful culture of horse sport and spectators is both casual and festive, a perfect addition to the local array of summertime activities.

Performing arts writer Claire Biringer reviews Seattle Opera’s season opener in her article Opera and Drama: Seattle Opera Delivers Half in Nabucco. This one does not get a standing ovation. Her insightful critique is offered with a respectful dose of humor.

Lastly, writer T.s. Flock offers a look at local casual wear clothier Prairie Underground as they celebrate ten years in business and the second installment of their artist collaboration program. He also looks at the growing industry of legal marijuana in Washington, the array of options and some of the entrepreneurs making a splash. In addition to this, he offers a beautiful historical account of the internment of Seattle’s Japanese Americans and the art, institutions and businesses keeping that history alive. I was moved by this article for many reasons, and readers who do not know much about the internment, the history behind it, and how it remains relevant to all Americans today, you must read American Dreams: Seattle’s Cultural and Artistic Legacy of Internment.

Please enjoy the rest of the Summer in August and easy living to you!


Illustration by Ken McCarty.

Illustration by Ken McCarty.

Sarah Caples has lived in Seattle since 2004 working as a fashion stylist for private clients. Sarah launched an art and society blog in 2008, along with a monthly salon at The Sorrento Hotel, which ran until June 2012. As executive editor of, Caples hopes to cultivate an informed dialog about regional culture and bring people of diverse backgrounds together in support of nonprofits, artists and community builders.