Kit and Ace Opens July 2 on Capitol Hill

Posted on June 29, 2015, 10:13 am
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The idea of cool street clothing that wears like athletic wear but is made from luxury fabric sounds like a dream, right? When fabric designer Shannon Wilson and son J.J. Wilson, couldn’t find this anywhere, they created it themselves using their own proprietary blend, made of viscose, cashmere and elastane, which they call technical cashmere. This technical cashmere is used to create designs for the Wilsons’ Vancouver-based retailer, Kit and Ace, which has chosen Capitol Hill to be its first Seattle location, opening on July 2, 2015.

The exact location, 1123 Pike Street, is the former home of Internet café Uncle Elizabeth, which shuttered its doors in 2013. Kit and Ace, which launched its first location in Vancouver, B.C. in July 2014, has since opened six more shops, from New York to San Francisco. Incidentally, Shannon Wilson and J.J. Wilson are the wife and son of lululemon founder, Chip Wilson.

TOFINO BLANKET HGRY SAND-6164Each Kit and Ace store is uniquely designed to match the neighborhood and environment in which it is located. The creative atmosphere of the Capitol Hill area fits the concepts for the store, which include gallery-inspired spaces that will showcase the work of local photographers, and details such as custom light fixtures and furnishings, including a signature Supper Club table, created by a local Seattle designer.  The company has plans to partner with local neighborhood vendors for its in-store events, reiterating its desire to be a part of the neighborhood in which it has set up shop.

The technical cashmere clothing is intended for the “creative class” of people who want style and luxurious fabrics that withstand the busy schedule of today’s lifestyle, but go beyond exercise clothes or loungewear. The appeal of the clothing lies not only in its stylish and sophisticated lines and beautiful fabric, but also that it cuts out the middle man—your dry-cleaner—as this luxury cashmere blend is also washable.

Kit and Ace makes clothing for men and women: scarves, tanks, short- and long-sleeve shirts, shorts and skirts. Check out the concept online at

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