Putting Your Big Girl Panties On: Granny Underwear Makes A Comeback

Posted on June 08, 2015, 6:00 pm
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A few years back on my personal blog, www.westfultonstreet.com I wrote a little blog post called “Mentioning Unmentionables”. This post, which discussed the virtues of my favorite underwear brand, Commando, is one of my most visited posts on the blog, which perplexes me because it is quite brief, (pardon the expression) and I certainly have written better pieces. The article was posted exactly five years ago, and it seems times have changed not only in fashion, but also in what you wear underneath it. Yes, the granny underpant is making a comeback and it seems it is the choice of the cool girl these days. Read on:

For some of you, or maybe for your mothers or grandmothers, this style may have never left the building, or at least your drawer. Today’s “granny underpants” are actually stylish little pieces that are comfortable and cute. According to The New York Times style section, sales of briefs, boy shorts and high-waisted briefs have increased 17 percent over the past year, while sales of thong underwear decreased by 7 percent.  It sounds like the people have spoken to me…

Image Courtesy of Hello Beautiful

Image Courtesy of Hello Beautiful

Part of the appeal of the trend may be that women are embracing the idea of wearing what they like, versus what is suppose to appeal to a partner or what is considered “in”. With choices like this Hello Beautiful pair, which feature a flattering high cut leg, white cotton granny pants are not the least bit geriatric. The “feminist underwear” from It’s Me and You is in such high demand it could up to five weeks to get a pair of these coveted undies. Etsy also has loads of choices for those that want originality without the waitlist.

While the Commando thong I waxed poetically about a few years back still is my choice for fighting the dreaded panty line issue, I love the idea of fun choices, like this Topshop pair, just in time for summer dresses, shorts and other warm weather pieces. But what I like best about all this business of underthings, is the acknowledgment that we ladies come in all shapes and sizes and need undergarments that do as well. The bottom line, so to speak, is to wear what works best for you. Happy shopping!

Lisa Cole is the fashion and style writer for Vanguard Seattle, and her work includes covering fashion news and events, runway shows and boutiques. She has her own fashion and lifestyle blog, www.westfultonstreet.com, and is a member of Independent Fashion Bloggers and Fashion Group International.