Great Finds: LumillaMingus Handbags

Posted on May 26, 2015, 3:32 pm
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At Vanguard Seattle, we are always on the look out for originality and beauty, in art, culture, and fashion. When we find it, we love to share. In my department, the fashion world, finding unique and beautifully made pieces that stand out above the rest is always exciting. Here is my latest find: LumillaMingus Handbags.

What is great about owning a well-made, beautiful handbag? First, if you invest in the good ones, they last. They can be timelessly stylish and you will find yourself going back to them again and again. Handbags can give your look that extra bit of cool—the “cherry on top”—and a handbag always fits. No drama, only good, can come from having the right bag.

LumillaMIngus Founder and Creative Director Lulu Eschelman has an extensive background in working in haute couture and ready-to-wear in Copenhagen, London, Paris and Los Angeles. From her experience, her great passion for beautifully made things, and a desire to have her own line of luxury handbags, LumillaMingus was born. LumillaMingus bags are made from leather that is sourced in Italy and produced by hand (no machines) in LA. Depending on the style, each bag takes 4-8 hours to create. For example, the Laia clutch takes approximately four hours and the Lucca totes take five hours to hand sew. The animal products, such as the cowhide, come from animals that are already a food source; Eschelman is opposed to using any exotic or baby animals.

LAIA Clutch

LAIA Clutch

All the LumillaMingus handbags are made in California to keep the creative process close to Eschelman and her creative team, as well as providing local jobs for artisans. In addition, 10 percent of the proceeds from sales are given to two charities. Proceeds from the LOLA bags support the “LOLA Project” at the Anne Douglas Center for Women, Los Angeles (part of the which provides art supplies, gently used books and toys to create a warm, welcoming Art/Play Room for children participating in the Mommy and Me Breakfast on Saturday mornings. LumillaMingus has also established a collaboration with Homeless Prenatal Program in San Francisco, ( and uses a portion of sales proceeds to help supply HPP with swaddle blankets for expectant mothers for all of 2015. Each pregnant woman coming through the program will have a baby shower and be given a diaper bag with baby necessities, with funds from sales at LumillaMingus donated to help in this cause.

I am smitten with the idea of passing some of my most coveted handbags on someday to my daughter and my family. Each of my favorites—whether they are from a trip I took, an event I attended, or even a stage of my life—has a story behind it. They are a part of me and my love affair with fashion history and style. In this frame of mind, it is refreshing to encounter a true luxury bag with a unique design and a deeper purpose. It is a bag with a story worth telling.

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