App of the Year Nod for Siren, “Fuse: Art + Tech with Susie Lee” Coming in May

Posted on April 23, 2015, 9:12 pm
3 mins


Seattle, and King County as a whole, has for decades been a center for engineering and software development, and the population of tech workers is only increasing. The area has also been home to a robust arts community, weathering economic booms and busts. The two worlds—art vs technology and science—have been presented at times as partisan and polarized, but Seattle’s emerging culture knows that both stem from a desire to better understand the world and experience new states of being. These disciplines are practiced, applied and evaluated in different ways, but these sophisticated human creations have as their germ an expanded sense of communication and interaction—from a poem illuminating unnamed emotional states, to a social media network connecting people over shared interests.

Media must engage and facilitate these connections as well, not merely report on it. To that end, we are thrilled welcome artist and CEO Susie Lee as our new columnist. Fuse: Art + Tech with Susie Lee will bring bright minds from the science and technology field together to discuss local and international subjects expressed in art. A graduate of Yale, Columbia and University of WA in molecular biophysics and biochemistry, science education, and fine arts, Lee has used her skills as a researcher, teacher and new media artist to create technology-driven projects that amplify human connections. One of few female CEOs in tech, Lee launched Siren to creatively overhaul online dating. We cannot think of anyone more qualified to build connections between the art and tech communities locally.

In addition, we have exciting news regarding Siren. The app’s revolutionary platform has already received widespread attention from national and international media outlets, including The Guardian, CNNCosmopolitanMarie ClaireTechTimesEngadget and The Washington Post, and it recently formed an exclusive partnership with Durex for a viral global campaign. (Over 37 million views and counting.) As of this morning, Geekwire has announced that is a finalist for its App of the Year. Community voting selects the winner, and we hope the Seattle community will support one its own in this contest. Vote on Geekwire and watch for Lee’s first Fuse: Art + Tech column in May.

T.s. Flock is a writer and arts critic based in Seattle and co-founder of Vanguard Seattle.