Holiday Gift Guide 2014: SELEUŠS Chocolates

Posted on December 18, 2014, 9:33 pm
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Greek Rose truffles by  SELEUŠS.

Greek Rose truffles by SELEUŠS.

We have some great chocolatiers in the region, but most are still made for mass consumption and long shelf-lives without refrigeration. That means lots of sugar and lots of salt get added, along with flavors that border on gimmicky. The chocolate is a supporting actor or a vehicle in some cases—not the real star. Chocolatier Alexander Long founded SELEUŠS Chocolates first for himself, to create truly artisan chocolates whose natural essence was not overpowered by other flavors and chemicals.

The result is exquisite food for the soul—the sort of chocolates that would have been served at Babette’s Feast. The rich, velvety ganache is encapsulated in shells with just the right crunch, dusted with complementary flavors. (For example, my favorite variety, the Greek Rose truffles are topped with crystallized rose petals from France.) Even the coffee truffles and boozy flavors like Triple Sec (topped with valencia orange bits), French Brandy, Vegan Coconut Rum and Raspberry Brandy have the precise amount of bittersweetness in their blend of ingredients.

The chocolates are not loaded with preservatives, but they can travel for a week and still be fresh and then keep for months in refrigeration. Locally, you can find them at The Finerie and Finerie CoLAB, where they are kept in cold storage. (The displays up front are just the elegant packaging, not the chocolates themselves.) You can also buy 24-piece sets online, including a gift collection of four boxes of six truffles—which is perfect because then you can give a dozen to friends and a dozen to yourself. It’s win-win!

Finerie CoLAB is located at 1921 2nd Avenue. 24-piece truffle sets are $108. See more of our 2014 holiday gift recommendations in our Gift Guide

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