SAM Remix: November 7

Posted on October 25, 2014, 8:30 am
2 mins

SAM Remix, the Seattle Art Museum’s quarterly late night extravaganza returns in just two short weeks. As usual there will be an array of entertainment, including art making, thought-provoking discussions, as well as dancing to the beats of TigerBeat and DJ RDX. The SAM’s latest exhibition POP Departures will inspire the evening and the always festive crowd might take you back to the 1960s for a fleeting moment, while also looking to contemporary India and the City Dwellers exhibit.

Grab your tickets quick because this event almost always sells out! Purchase online. OR add a speech-bubble to your outfit (inspired by Roy Lichtenstein in Pop Departures) and be one of the first fifty guests to get in for free! Create your own or use this template.


From the SAM event page:

The night’s activities include:

  • Dance to pop, hip-hop, and more with DJ TigerBeat.
  • Create your own mini Vans shoes with ReMike (aka Mike Leavitt) inspired by other novelties in Pop Departures.
  • Artist collective Let’s bring their brightly lit, musically amorphous interactive installations to Remix.
  • DJ RDX keeps you moving to mixes featuring Bollywood hits, pop, Bhangra beats, and hip hop.
  • Artist Troy Gua teaches you to create your own internet meme self(ie) portrait pop art piece.
  • Catch the comedy of Yogi Paliwal in the galleries.
  • Prom Queen performs their dark, dramatic, retro-inspired music. If David Lynch and Quentin Tarantino co-directed your prom, this would be the soundtrack.

Experience the galleries in new and unexpected ways with My Favorite Things: Highly Opinionated Tours led by artists, community figures and special guests:

Fall 2014 SAM Remix

When: Friday, November 7, 8 PM to midnight

Where: Seattle Art Museum Downtown (1300 1st Ave)

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