Get Out: Nepo 5K and Pratt Open House, September 6

Posted on September 04, 2014, 7:48 am
4 mins


Saturday is a big day for interactive art that gets you out of the house for (perhaps) the last REALLY warm weekend of 2014. Two events stand out: the Nepo 5K and the Pratt Open House.

Nepo 5K

The imperative is not to run, but put on your walking shoes. Since 2009, artist Klara Glosova has led those who love urban living and art through neighborhoods south of downtown on an odyssey of one-day-only installations and performances. The ordinary city streets become a wonderland of creative expression, fit for all ages. Starting from Hing Hay Park (423 Maynard Ave S) in the International District, participants will meander up to Beacon Hill, exercising mind and body alike with work from dozens of local artists, curated by Klara Glosova, Sierra Stinson, Zack Bent and Serrah Russell. Tours are led by docents of the Frye Museum. This year’s list from the Nepo 5K Web site:

Vis-a-Vis Society / Alexa Anderson, Estee Clifford and Corey Kingston / Ruben David / Akiko Masker / Favorite Art Projects: Leo Berk and Claire Cowie / Keeara Rhoades / Rumi Koshino / Calie Swedberg / Joana Stillwell and Yael Nov / Megumi Shauna Arai / Francesca Lohmann / Mel Carter, Anna Erickson and Ripple Fang / Samuel Wildman / Adam Boehmer / Rebecca Cummins / Kristin Schimik / Aaron Murray / Joey Veltkamp and Ben Gannon / Nicholas Nyland / Julia Freeman / Cable Griffith / Brandon Aleson and Jesse Montini-Vose / Elizabeth Gahan / Kathryn Rathke and Barry Wright / Saya Moriyasu / Colleen RJC Bratton / Tribes Project / Sylwia Tur / Amanda James Parker / Trevor Brown / meadow starts with p / Neuroses / Marek Stepan / Ashleigh Robb and Ivana Kartzov / Eirik Johnson / OHM / Kat Larson / Maggie Carson Romano / Greg Lundgren / Chris Burnside / John Teske and Nat Evans / Ilysia Van Deren / Eric Aguilar / Reilly Sinanan / Ken Turner / Avalanche + the Diffuser / Glenn Herlihy / Rafael Soldi / Gala Bent and Nick Strobelt / Petra Franklin / Graham Downing / Matthew Offenbacher

It’s a beautiful way to see you city anew. Admission is $15 (bring cash). Children are free. The event starts at 1 PM, with registration beginning at noon. Registration ends at 3 PM and the walk continues until 6 PM. The finish line is Nepo House (Glosova’s own lovely residence, 1723 S Lander St) and the party continues there with scheduled performances and food trucks by Chopstix Mobile and Curb Jumper Street Eats.

Pratt Fall Open House: One Hot Night

Another family friendly event that requires much less walking (but will still keep you engaged and on your feet), the Pratt Fall Open House is free and invites guests to watch artists at work pouring bronze, pulling prints, blowing glass, turning wood, carving stone, forging steel and—last but not least—creating a mural. Tangerine Tales will provide face painting and guests who are inspired (or who already have a yen to learn artistic techniques) will receive a discount when registering for classes.

Participating artists include:

In the glass studio: Julie Conway , Karen Buhler, Donna Prunkard, Felicia Wartnik, Stacy Frost, Ellen Harbison, Jenny Pohlman, Sabrina Knowles, Kerstin Graudins, Chris Crites, Rebecca Chernow, Sherri Gamble

In the printmaking studio: Virginia Hungate-Hawk,  Teresa Neinas, Kim Van Someren, Lisa Hasagawa, Emma Levitt

In the wood studio: Steve Dando

In the jewelry studio: Julia Harrison, Susanne Osborn

At the forge: Lisa Geertsen, Scott Sloch, Mark Walker, Ed Thayer, Jeanne Ferarro

In the stone yard: Sabah Al-Dharer

And in the youth room, Jaesun Easton.

Enjoy the tail end of summer!

T.s. Flock is a writer and arts critic based in Seattle and co-founder of Vanguard Seattle.