Joanna Morgan Designs Introduces “Scavenger Collection” in July 2014

Posted on June 30, 2014, 5:14 pm
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Local independent jewelry designer Joanna Morgan is set to present her latest collection, “Scavenger,” in July 2014. Morgan tells me that she was inspired in part by her grandmother, who passed away not long ago and left behind boxes of trinkets and treasures that might seem meaningless to the outside world, but held memories and value to those who loved her. Morgan herself is a collector of things, such as driftwood, rocks, twigs, leaves, feathers and petals, displaying them or sometimes putting them in boxes where they too can be rediscovered later as inspiration for her designs.

Photos by Amanda Waltman Photography

Photos by Amanda Waltman Photography

This new collection is both ethereal and organic in its aesthetic and is a lovely addition to her other collections. The pieces are objects of irregular shapes, inspired by the pebbles, branches, bones, fragments and other things that were collected and saved by Morgan, then re-imagined in beautiful metal pieces. Morgan uses two types of metal in her design: USA-sourced brass and recycled sterling silver. She handcrafts the original designs, carving them in wax, then casting them using an ancient technique called lost wax casting. The results are beautifully preserved treasures, and fans of Morgan’s design will love the texture, modern appeal and natural beauty that shines through each piece.

Joanna Morgan tied for Best Accessory Designer 2013 in the Seamless in Seattle competition by Seattle Magazine and continues to inspire with this newest collection. We are fortunate in the city to have such talented local designers such as Morgan who continue to offer unique pieces that are current with the fashion trends, yet have their own perspective of beauty and sophistication. You can check out the Joanna Morgan Designs Scavenger Collection at the end of July 2014 online, date TBD.

A studio preview of her collection is tentatively set for July 12, 2014, where customers can view and pre-order pieces from the collection. Check her Web site,, for more information and dates.







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