July Art Walk Must-See: New works by Casey Curran

Posted on June 28, 2014, 7:17 am
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The upcoming July art walk is going to be fabulous, and one of the reasons why is because Casey Curran will have new work up at Roq La Rue.

Curran has been making intricate mechanical worlds of animals and plants for years, long before he paired up with theatre group Implied Violence and began creating life-size installments for their shows. I have been in love with his work FOREVER. Forever as in, since we both used to sit at Bauhaus (RIP) every day in the early 2000’s, for hours on end, looking young and unspoilt. I watched him curl wire into small anemones for days. This show will not disappoint.

Titled “Indeterminate Apotheosis,” Curran’s sculptures will be showing alongside new paintings by artist Chie Yoshii.
A statement about the show from Casey: “I’ve been searching for a metaphor that can sum up the entirety of my interests. A space that lies between the very vast and the very small. It is a system writ large into the structure of things, compounding every nuanced surface, every thought and idea. A simple piece of humanity laying somewhere between stars and bones, summoning the great and small triumphs of our innumerable endeavors.”

Roq La Rue Gallery
July 3rd, 2014. 6 to 9pm.
532 1st Ave S.


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