Summer Field Studies: Speck on Speck on Speck

Posted on June 27, 2014, 9:00 am
2 mins


Gather your gear and meet at Gas Works (tonight!) for Speck on Speck on Speck, the next session in the Henry’s “Summer Field Studies.”

These events bring local artists in direct contact with the public–providing a venue for engagement and understanding outside of the museum or gallery space. With artists as guides, these events allow goers to explore his or her relationship to landscape through an alternate perspective. The Henry states, “These guides introduce visitors to a variety of individual and collaborative projects from around the Pacific Northwest that work with experiential and movement-based practices to mediate our relationship to urban and rural environments.”

"Open with Raw Edges" by Allyce Wood. Image courtesy of the artist.

“Open with Raw Edges” by Allyce Wood. Image courtesy of the artist.

Speck on Speck on Speck, held on June 27, will be hosted by Alyce Wood. Wood, who has previously been featured on VanguardSeattle, is represented by SOIL Gallery. Wood’s work is delicate, yet substantial. A sense of the organic and the natural presides heavily in her work, making her an obvious choice for such an event. Wood states, on her website, “I focus on the biological world as a reactive plane: I illustrate ecological consequences and developments as allegories for social situations.” Her most recent work Meaderboard at SOIL, utilized both video installation and works on paper to explore forms of alternative portraiture. 

Speck on Speck on Speck is designed around stargazing (via telescope) and also includes various group experiments. From 9-10.

Visit Allyce Wood’s website to see more of her work, and check out The Henry for more information on this fun event!

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