Celebrating 40 Years with SIFF

Posted on May 21, 2014, 11:14 am
3 mins


One of the biggest film festivals in the world is well underway and we still have over two weeks to go. SIFF is celebrating their 40th year and it was kicked in a big way.

Two huge announcements were made at the Opening Gala that pretty much blew everyone away. The biggest of the announcements was that SIFF now owns the Uptown Theaters! I’m kind of surprised how many people weren’t aware that SIFF only took over a lease of the theaters after AMC vacated. The reality of the matter was that there was some uncertainty to what would happen after the lease expires. Thankfully to the “Angels of the Uptown”, Linda and David Cornfield has made the unknown known.

The second big announcement of the night was that SIFF had signed a lease for the Egyptian through Seattle Community College. SIFF has had a long history at the Egyptian. In 1980 SIFF had converted the auditorium of the building into an Egyptian themed theater, but in 1989 SIFF sold their lease to Landmark Theaters. Even though Landmark decided to not to renew their lease last year with Seattle Community College, the college was dedicated to their relationship with the Capitol Hill community and also to SIFF.

It’s important for Seattle Central to maintain the cultural value of the Egyptian Theatre for the benefit of the residents of Capitol Hill and the city of Seattle. We look forward to being a partner with SIFF for many years to come.

– Paul Killpatrick, Ph.D.
President of Seattle Central

There is still a tremendous amount work that needs to be done. A lot of renovations are needed for the theater. After the Festival, work will commence and the current plan is to reopen the theater in the Fall. One of the largest issues I had with the theatre was the sound, but that has already been upgraded for the Festival. I can vouch for the improvement compared to past years.

With the help of everyone, more improvements can be made. SIFF has already launched a fundraising campaign with an anonymous donor that has already extended a match offer of $150,000. Giving is as easy as sending a text message. To donate $10, all you have to do is text “SIFF” to 501501. If you would like to give more than $10, you can text up to fives times each month.