On the Town: Gentlemanly, A Night of Manly Pursuits

Posted on May 14, 2014, 3:43 pm
2 mins


Baby & Co’s current storeowner Jill Donnelly sure knows how to host a party. Last Wednesday evening, the multi-label boutique located on 1st and Virginia held an exclusive event for its most loyal customers to shop the Men’s Spring/Summer Collection at unbeatable prices. While perusing the beautiful garments meticulously displayed throughout the store, guests munched on local cured meats from Dot’s Charcuterie and Bistrot. In addition, the charming Jessica Tousignant of Vinum Importing offered a scotch tasting of five distinct and enticing bottles. With a commitment towards high quality and unique goods, Baby & Co invited guest designers John Bonawitz of Horn Leather and SpexWax to showcase their merchandise for the evening.

Naturally the crowd dressed exceptionally well for the occasion. Shireen Jiwan, Founder and Chief Investigator at Sleuth, looked sleek in a vintage St. John trench she paired with chic separates and gold accessories. Nearby, Jenny Söderlund and David Wentworth, owner of FLUTTER Studios posed arm in arm, wearing handmade designs by Ms. Söderlund herself. Amongst the room, guests mingled and chatted with one another, admiring each other’s purchases. Jill hardly stood still, darting from one customer to the next, piecing together eclectic garments into one unified, alluring look.

So much of Baby & Co’s success derives from the seasoned staff’s conscious effort to see things from the customer’s point of view. Rather than directing an individual towards what looks good on him or her, it is an organic process where the customer adapts the garment to their individual style. Consequently, the result is always one of confidence, beauty and ease. At events like these, Jill and the Baby & Co staff are able to reconnect with their most cherished customers that adhere to their principal that life is a runway.

Juliana Pera is a fashion and society writer for Vanguard Seattle. Her weekly column “On The Town” highlights stylish individuals and trends seen at Seattle art, culture, and fashion events. Juliana grew up just outside of San Francisco and moved to Seattle to attend the University of Washington in 2010 to study Political Science. She is interested in pursuing a career where she can combine her love for fashion with business, and is excited to join the Seattle arts community.