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Posted on March 25, 2014, 8:00 am
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Capital Hill’s 10 Degrees was the setting for the Media Launch Party for BEVÉE Bags in anticipation of the official launch on March 22, 2014. BEVÉE is a new company that has a line of small luxury handbags and accessories, beginning with two wallet-on-a-chain style leather bags with a gold plumed quail as a logo. The stylish black-and-white themed affair featured the bags worn by models, displayed on tables so that one could pick them up and see the features, and presented through images from the brand’s photo shoot.

DT Levy and Sasha Muir at media launch for Bevee bags

BEVÉE founders DT Levy and Sasha Muir

Co-founders Sasha Muir and DT Levy introduced the chic bags and spoke about their mutual passion for creating the perfect accessory for the busy but fashionable woman. They wore playful quail plume fascinator hats as a nod to their quail logo and each spoke about their vision for the company. Muir is the founder of butter LONDON and DT Levy is an international fashion executive and consultant. They both have MBAs from INSEAD, France, and the two met in 2010 when Levy was recruited for board of butter LONDON for the brand’s marketing. They made a personal connection as well, and Muir told the crowd that over coffee at the University Village Starbucks, the idea for BEVÉE was born.

BEVÉE (pronounced be-VAY) references 15th century France, where groups of women in fabulous, plumed hats were colloquially called BEVÉE—the French word for a flock of quails—hence the logo of a quail with a plume. (It is cognate with the English word, “bevy”—as in a “bevy of beauties.”) Sasha Muir stated she hopes BEVÉE bags are cherished items, as “A great bag is like a great girlfriend,” in that they are both lovely, necessary and dependable.

Bevee Trifold Sidekick Bags in navy and white

BEVÉE Trifold Sidekick Bags

BEVÉE bags are currently in two styles, the 24/7 Trifold Sidekick ($215) and the 24/7 Continental Sidekick ($195). The leather is incredibly soft and luxurious and each style comes in eight colors, including Sky, Hemlock, Orchid, Indigo, Tan, Cream, Black and Stone with gold hardware and the little quail logo on the front. Each chic little bag is the size of a standard wallet, and can be worn as a crossbody, carried as a clutch, or used as a billfold. The interior has a smaller wallet that detaches to be used as a separate pocketsize wallet, and the chain and leather strap detaches as well. The Continental has a zipper that goes all the way around, and the Trifold opens up into three sections that hold cell phone, keys, lipstick and cash. The BEVÉE Bags are available online and the company encourages fans to follow on social media to learn about new offerings and styles.

It is always inspiring to see innovative and talented women working together to create things that they love and believe in. Sasha Muir and DT Levy have filled a niche by creating versatile and easy to wear chic pieces that can be worn to run errands or out on date night. It’s modern luxury that meets the criteria most women need—fashion and function that work together in one beautiful little package.

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