Seattle Fashion at The 2014 Grammys!

Posted on February 10, 2014, 10:26 pm
3 mins

Mary Lambert with shoes by Hourglass Footwear

Mary Lambert with shoes by Hourglass Footwear. Image via Hourglass Footwear.

With a Super Bowl victory and Macklemore’s Grammy takeover, Seattle has caught quite a bit of hype recently. Along with the superstars, other Seattle artists have spent some time in the limelight as well.

Mary Lambert, best known for her work on Macklemore’s track “Same Love,” wore a custom pair of shoes by Hourglass Footwear on the red carpet for her special Grammys moment. For this exciting project, Hourglass designers partnered up with Project Runway’s Helen Castillo to create a head-to-toe knockout look for Lambert. She selected an elegant mid-heel in black and shimmery gold pewter to match the gorgeous lace bodice of her dress.

Shoes by Helen Castillo for Hourglass Footwear

Shoes by Helen Castillo for Hourglass Footwear

Hourglass Footwear, a group of nine female designers based in Seattle, creates hand-painted one-of-a-kind shoes for smart and stylish women. Each shoe comes in a variety of styles including stilettos, flats and even Dansko clogs. Hourglass offers the option of choosing between an array of pre-designed styles or painting your own personal design. The outcome is always beautiful and unique, allowing women to carry art into their everyday lives and be their most authentic self. If you strive for an extra personal touch in your style, head over to Hourglass Footwear’s new show room in Ballard at the corner of Russell and Dock. Valentine’s Day is their biggest sale of the year… don’t miss out!

Hollis Wong-Wear in a custom dress by Mark Mitchell

Hollis Wong-Wear in a custom dress by Mark Mitchell. Image via Mark Mitchell

Another rising Seattle artist, Hollis Wong-Wear from The Flavr Blue and Macklemore’s “White Walls,” walked the red carpet alongside Mary Lambert. Hollis wore a stunning number designed by Mark Mitchell, who wowed us with his BURIAL collection at the Frye. Mitchell hand-dyed the dress in Hollis’ favorite shade of plum in a draping bias-cut.

Seattle may not be the fashion capital of the world, but it is thrilling to see it finally getting the widespread recognition it deserves. Kudos to the artists who humbly represent Seattle with their talent and ingenuity.


Juliana Pera is a fashion and society writer for Vanguard Seattle. Her weekly column “On The Town” highlights stylish individuals and trends seen at Seattle art, culture, and fashion events. Juliana grew up just outside of San Francisco and moved to Seattle to attend the University of Washington in 2010 to study Political Science. She is interested in pursuing a career where she can combine her love for fashion with business, and is excited to join the Seattle arts community.