Winners Announced for City Arts Winter Art Walk Awards!

Posted on January 11, 2014, 2:40 pm
2 mins


On Thursday night, City Arts hosted the Winter Art Walk Awards (as if there wasn’t a ton to see already!) to celebrate some of their appointed judge’s favorite works from the last season. It was held at a bright and loud Sole Repair, where a packed house—mostly clad in black—sucked in a little winter warmth through beer and cocktails. Sponsored by Blue Moon, it was hard not to pass up a chance for some free beer and a little art perusal. Each attendee was given a token upon entry and used it to vote for the work of their choice.

The finalists were Sail (shown at Roq la Rue), Steven Miller (shown at Vermillion), Mary Iverson (shown at Davidson galleries), Peggy Washburn (shown at Linda Hodges Gallery), Tariqa Waters (whose Martyr Sauce installation was a gallery in itself), Kathy Liao (shown at CORE gallery), Chris Shaw (whose installation is ongoing at the Seward Park Clay Studio), Jennifer Beedon Snow (shown at Linda Hodges Gallery), and Todd Jannausch (shown at Method Gallery).

The art works were shown throughout the space, a DJ dropped some sick beats, and merriment ensued. When voting concluded, the winners were announced and the party continued. First place went to Hammer and Nails by Todd Jannausch, second place to Mary Iverson’s Shipbreaking, Yosemite Valley, and third place to Chris Shaw’s Tea Library Installation.

Congratulations to everyone nominated! It was a stellar collection of pieces.

AND, as if there wasn’t enough goodness to be seen, amongst the lovelies in attendance were a few people soon to be featured on Vanguard! Check back to read more about Rachel Ravitch, April Pride, and Jesse Higman. Stay tuned and stay dry!

For more information about the Art Walk Awards, go to

For photos from the event, check out the photo gallery on City Arts’ blog.

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