Kinetic Theories: Kyle Jorgensen at LxWxH

Posted on October 29, 2013, 8:00 am
3 mins

Varicolored rhombuses over a galactic backdrop

“Metaphysique” (acrylic on panel) by Ryan Jorgensen. Image courtesy of LxWxH

The Georgetown gallery space LxWxH, run by Sharon Arnold, continues the “Subscription Project” tradition by providing a venue for emerging artists to display their work. The Subscription Project allows patrons the opportunity to purchase a box of artwork (think and thus “provides an avenue to bring people together and collect art in an affordable and approachable way.”

Currently on display at the LxWxH Gallery are works by Kyle Jorgensen in a solo show titled Kinetic Theories. Jorgensen takes a digital and geometric approach to rendering the universe and galaxies. These varied pieces feel organic and frequently reference natural and environmental forms, relating to the human condition and “change.” Jorgensen states, “Kinetic Theories is about relationships and change—emotional change, a metaphysical shift, and the formal illusion of change.” Jorgensen uses icebergs, galaxies, chemical elements and digitization as visual allegories of change.

“Metaphysique” (acrylic on panel) unites the realistic galactic imagery with geometric and manmade forms. The two striped rhombuses that overlap the galaxy almost create an optical illusion and a sense of pixelation. This quality of “Metaphysique” and many of Jorgensen’s other pieces has a “video game aesthetic.” Sharon Arnold states, “Jorgensen recreates his new worlds to be corrupted, imperfect, layered and trans-dimensional—building over the top of the one he knows.” Like it or not, the digital world has come to dominate much of the “real” world. “Metaphysique” eloquently relates this concept of merging worlds with visual appeal.

Acrylic painting of geometric forms on circular panel by Ryan Jorgensen

“Parade Precipitation” (acrylic on panel) by Ryan Jorgensen

In “Parade Precipitation” and “Nystagmus,” Jorgensen utilizes glitter to create vibrant visual intrigue against his unique geometric designs. “Parade Precipitation” layers a pattern of subtly glittered rectangles with a zigzagging geometric design on a circular panel, boldly incorporating the show’s defining quality of change through its cascading forms. “Nystagmus” also employs glitter but beside a more concrete design—both thematically and visually—as its successive lines resemble a mountainous nighttime landscape, perhaps dusk in the desert. The juxtaposition of natural forms and synthetic design highlights Jorgensen’s interest in the merging of worlds.

LxWxH and Kyle Jorgensen present a show that is visually appealing, complex and directly related to the artist’s personal vision, which in turn becomes relevant and significant for the viewer.

Kinetic Theories is on display at LxWxH through November 2.

Claire Reiner is a writer, artist and recent graduate from the University of Washington’s School of Art with a major in Art History. She is interested in recent art movements and subcultures (1950s, 60s, 70s) and how they have shaped present perceptions and practices of art. She grew up in Southern California and moved to Seattle in 2010. She is quite influenced by the unique geography of both places and enjoys hiking and exploring the Pacific Northwest. Reiner covers visual art exhibits in Seattle and seeks to contribute to a profound and positive artistic community, as well as encourage people to come out and experience art moments for themselves. Reiner is also the Executive Assistant for VanguardSeattle and handles any press related needs.