Item of the Week: Manly Pedi

Posted on September 18, 2013, 11:30 am
2 mins
Bottle of Chanel Nail color Alchimie

Chanel nail color Alchimie is an update of last fall’s trend color Peridot

This Item of the Week is not so much an item, but rather an experience. Going to the salon has been classified as a feminine activity, though men have historically been just as prone to preening as the ladies. Yes, a man will get a massage here and there, and the really comfortable ones might even be open to a facial, but pedicures and manicures are strictly no-go zones for many. At least they were.  This seems to be changing.

Last spring, my high-school aged sister told me that boys were going with their prom dates to get pedicures before the dance—not just a good callus buffing, but the whole shebang, polish and all. I witnessed it firsthand around the Fourth of July when my Bazaar-reading, massage-chair-relaxing, feet-soaking activity was interrupted by the shocking noise of boy laughter. I thought maybe they were forced by a mom, girlfriend or sister to join, but they were actually there alone. “We want American Flag patterned nails,” they chimed.

Bottle of Chanel Nail Color Mysterious

Mysterious nail color by Chanel is a dark neutral for those who want less color without losing impact

As I go about my life I am seeing it everywhere. Yoga instructors, baristas, college students—all men and all completely owning it.  Therefore, for this Item of the Week, I recommend Chanel Le Vernis Polish. Last fall’s color was Peridot, and Chanel’s sparkling Alchimie is a beautiful change in tune with the tones of the changing seasons, for men and women. Seattle is the Emerald City, after all, so shouldn’t all its citizens having gleaming gems…as nails?

For those who want to complement the longer nights, grey skies and wet asphalt of fall, Chanel’s Mysterious nail color is a dark, gleaming neutral that is equally perfect for cocktail hours and witching hours.