September Letter From the Editor

Posted on September 10, 2013, 12:44 pm
7 mins


Dear Reader,

Considering that Vanguard Seattle has not officially launched, the progress the team is making covering Seattle’s arts community is exciting. Our managing editor and arts writer T.s. Flock has established himself as both an arts writer and an advocate for artists and gallerists. He is also dedicated to the mentorship of Vanguard’s writers and has been indispensable as an editor, which is important in our mission to create an arena for new writers to flourish. Although our writers are new to the process, we have high expectations of them not only in their writing but in their values. They must have respect for their subject matter as well as for you, the reader.

During the month of September we are introducing our new Art Director, photographer Tuffer Harris. He is passionate about his work and has a clear vision for Vanguard Seattle. Tuffer consistently demonstrates a command of light and color, and cites the best high fashion photographers as his influences. Upon seeing his book, I found myself giddy, being reminded of Craig McDean in the this-guy-gets-high-fashion-photography-in-his-soul kind of way. You can see that Tuffer’s images for Jeremy Buben’s Le Flaneur column are quite spectacular. Tuffer will be working with his own staff of photographers for events and street coverage. Our main event team, Christopher Reicks and Alexcia DeVasquez will be working hand-in-hand on our event photography to fine-tune our overall look.

Our writing staff includes our original two interns, Claire Reiner and Anna Shortley. Both are Art History majors from the University of Washington who have been with us for a year now and have evolved out of the status of intern to full-fledged writers. Their dedication has allowed them to grow into recognized voices in the community—Claire Reiner for her frequent and consistent coverage on gallery openings, and Anna Shortley for her monthly column “Wear It Out,” in which she describes a fashion trend in a larger context, and her “Item of the Week” where she shares a gender neutral item that is both high quality, basic and diverse in its wearability.

I mentioned columnist Jeremy Buben earlier—Le Flaneur, the quintessential “Man About Town.” He has a fun way of covering people and happenings around Seattle and is both insightful and engaging. Savvy and in-the-know, Buben is where he should be all the time. Even better, he likes to share his insights with others. Buben is also a great collaborator with a knack for creating ties between people. It is his passion to promote and support the arts scene which is quickly making him an indispensable resource to the community.

Artist Anna Skibska is our culture maven in her column “La Skibska.” She is a well-established artist who brings a seasoned knowledge of the arts based in her European roots, branching all the way to our frontier. Her whimsical voice paired with her knowledge of things most worldly culminate in a gestalt of left and right brain engagement. Skibska is enigmatic and embodies the unity of haunting experiences as they are filtered by the most light of beings.

This summer we introduced fashion writer Lisa Cole. Coming from the food and wine world, Cole is passionate about quality lifestyle subjects. Her knowledge of fashion is extensive, and while she is lighthearted in her attitude, she is serious in her care and regard for her audience and those she covers. In her column “Vogue a Trois” she shows us how to wear one item three ways. Her combinations suit women in a range of ages and professional backgrounds, offering a refreshing and cutting-edge perspective. Her new column “Opening and Arrivals” covers new boutique openings and new inventory at established boutiques. We feel that it is just as important to cover the new and exciting as it is to keep up with those who have been offering quality fashion items over time. Cole has a way of gleaning information from those she interviews that gets to the heart of why we should support their endeavors. She takes the focus away from the consumerist side of fashion and makes it about the human and artistic side.

Madeline Berman is the newest addition to the Vanguard Seattle team, contributing film reviews for our Culture section. Berman graduated from The Evergreen State College in 2011 where she was a reporter and Editor-in-chief for the student newspaper Cooper Point Journal. She has also served as a session aide for the Washington State Legislature. Enthusiastic and ready to establish herself in Seattle’s film community, Madeline Berman is a much welcomed addition to the staff.

I am personally, delighted to be working with such a talented group of people. We have established a culture among ourselves that is respectful, entertaining and productive. I hope that you the reader will experience the same from us as you enjoy our content. It is also my hope that you become engaged and enthusiastic about the arts community in Seattle—that you will discover new things, learn about new people and revisit those you have already come to appreciate. Please contact us with ideas and suggestions for articles, collaborations or events we should attend or promote in our calendar. We welcome all art lovers and supporters! We look forward to building a long and lasting community with you.

We expect to have a beautiful September with you all!

Vanguard Seattle Editor-in-Chief,

Sarah Caples Noble


Sarah Caples has lived in Seattle since 2004 working as a fashion stylist for private clients. Sarah launched an art and society blog in 2008, along with a monthly salon at The Sorrento Hotel, which ran until June 2012. As executive editor of, Caples hopes to cultivate an informed dialog about regional culture and bring people of diverse backgrounds together in support of nonprofits, artists and community builders.