Item of the Week: Be On the Watch

Posted on September 02, 2013, 9:00 am
2 mins

Burberry Check Stamped Bracelet Watch available at Nordstrom

Burberry Check Stamped Bracelet Watch available at Nordstrom

More and more people have stopped wearing watches; to know the time they simply need look at their phone. But watches are not purely for keeping time. They are collectibles, fine pieces of craftsmanship and beautiful accessories. A person can have one classic watch that they wear every single day for years or they can have several unique watches that they mix up. No matter the piece, a watch is the perfect accent to any ensemble—and its more than a simple piece of jewelry. A watch is functional, and a person wearing a watch is conscious of the time, feels the weight of it, is scheduled, has plans, is organized. A person with nothing to do, nowhere to be, has no need of a watch. Perhaps these statements seem dramatic, but watches can make that statement, however quietly.

A metal watch will always be a classic staple. Ranging from gold Rolexes to more generic Michael Kors and Fossils, there is something for every price range and style. The Burberry Check Stamped Bracelet Watch, available at Nordstrom, is a spin on the silver metal watch. In a dark gray matte finish and checked background, this watch is masculine and unique, but simple enough to be worn everyday and with anything. For both men and women, a bold timepiece like this one is an effortless statement.