Openings and Arrivals: Farinaz Taghavi

Posted on August 27, 2013, 8:00 am
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Farinaz Taghavi, photo by Tuffer Harris

Farinaz Taghavi, photo by Tuffer Harris

Take one step into Farinaz Taghavi’s new boutique in Bellevue Square and you can feel the designer’s deeply personal connection to her store and to her designs. Her label’s shirts have a custom feel and a beautiful quality to them that is a rare find today. Taghavi was on hand when Vanguard Editor-in-Chief Sarah Caples and I, along with photographer Tuffer Harris, took a look at her designs and had a chance to speak with her regarding her design work and what it means to her.

Prior to launching her own label in 2002, Taghavi received a Bachelor of Science in Textile Design with a minor in Textile Sciences and Painting from University of Washington. She went on to work as a designer, textile designer, creative director, founder and principal of several garment design and manufacturing companies. Four years ago she added a line of knitwear to go along with her women’s shirts line.


The “Compliment” by Farinaz Taghavi

Taghavi’s entire process shows her commitment to making high quality products. It starts when she attends the Premiere Vision Clothing Fabric Show, where top designers from around the world go to choose fabric for their lines. Her fabrics are primarily from Italy and France and are custom dyed for her, made from her own painting designs, or personally chosen for quality and uniqueness. Each shirt style in her collection is named after a human emotion, a creative way of connecting her to her customers. She tells me her first shirt design for her own company was named, “Desire” and it continues to hold a place in her collection today.

Farinaz Taghavi says she doesn’t have a particular designer who has inspired her. Rather, she is inspired by the women on the street and her own customers, the women of this world who make things happen. Their spirituality and leadership give her the support she has needed to sustain her creativity and confidence in this business. Her clothing illustrates her creative philosophy: “The woman is the design; the shirt is the detail.”

Taghavi states on her website regarding her collections: “I was born in Iran and have lived and traveled in Europe, Asia, and now the U.S. I have learned so much from seeing the great women around me. They are coming up everywhere, making their own mark by wearing what they want to wear and doing what they want to do and I have been moved and shaped by them. I get feedback about each of my shirts and love the sense of ownership the women have with my clothes and the partnership I feel with them.”

The line was truly designed for all types of women of all ages and the shop will custom tailor any of its shirts for a perfect fit. Sarah and I found ourselves talking about styling each shirt we came across because we were so drawn to the details of each piece. The Essence shirt, for instance, would be fabulous paired with a pair of leather leggings and tall booties. The details of ruching, real pearl buttons, double lapels or wide cuffs make for chic individual styling. The knitwear and shirts each retail between $98 and $210.


See Farinaz Taghavi at The Bellevue Collection

Farinaz Taghavi will have her official grand opening at Bellevue Square Mall on Thursday, September 12, 2013 where customers can come throughout the day for fittings and enter to win a Farinaz shirt. From 4 – 6 p.m. the store will host an invitation only event to announce a partnership with LifeWire, formerly Eastside Domestic Violence.

Details: Farinaz Taghavi, 2038 Bellevue Square Bellevue, WA, 98004

Open: Monday – Saturday 9:30am -9:30pm, Sunday 11pm – 7pm

Contact: (425) 453-1688,

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