Style Identity

Posted on August 14, 2013, 12:16 pm
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Balenciaga leather and metal ID bracelet

Balenciaga leather and metal ID bracelet

As these summer days heat up, thinking of what accessories might accentuate an outfit feels like a bother. People just want to throw on a t-shirt and some shorts and sit in front of their fan hoping that the night will bring a fresh breeze with it.  But an accessory that is always cool with any look and during any time of year is an ID bracelet. These masculine looks are sporty, simple and classic. They make a strong wrist bold and dignified but also create an interesting juxtaposition with dainty features. Furthermore this accessory can go with virtually any ensemble; from a woman in a bold business suit to a man in board shorts and leather sandals.

These bracelets can be found at vintage shops and embossed at various jewelers with personalized initials, but high-end jewelers like Cartier sell ID bracelets as well. With this trend, designer labels are starting to create their own versions as well. Balenciaga has its own modern interpretation with a leather strap and small embossed ‘B’.  Whether it be plain, personalized or designer, these bracelets are the perfect touch to any look and certainly contribute to one’s style identity.


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