Posted on June 18, 2013, 8:37 am
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Terri Rau in a leather vest at the SAM Remix

Terri Rau in a leather vest at the SAM Remix

This summer people are ditching the sleeves and opting for a vest. A denim vest is certainly a cool way to go especially when pairing with a dress or a basic cotton tee, but an even better option is a leather vest. At the SAM Remix jewelry artist Terri Rau wore a motorcycle leather vest with her simple skirt and shirt look. The neutral silhouette and colors of the pieces make a relatively basic ensemble, but adding a leather vest immediately made Rau someone worth noticing.

yves saint laurant vest

Yves Saint Laurent Classic Motorcycle Vest with epaulets, 3 angled zip pockets and a belted waistband.

For both men and women a classic piece like this a perfect wardrobe investment—something that will last a lifetime and always be in style. Yves Saint Laurent keeps both a male and female version of the classic leather biker vest in their permanent collection. Soft-as-butter leather with a rock and roll hard edge.  This particular item is certainly an “in-vestment” but breaking the bank isn’t always necessary; items like this can often be found at vintage stores and flea markets. Besides, sometimes the hunt for the perfect piece is the best part!


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    June 19th, 2013

    man, i gotta get that turtle’s sleep-number!

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      June 19th, 2013

      mr. scraps hound,

      I believe that turtle to be a lady of a the highest regard and,
      as such, beyond the reach of your filthy paws!

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        June 19th, 2013


        you talk like you need some turtle lovin’…let me show how to go slow.