Pop of Turquoise

Posted on May 29, 2013, 2:18 pm
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Travis David Smith's bracelet was made for him in New Mexico

Travis David Smith’s bracelet was made for him in New Mexico

There’s just something about turquoise—the beauty of tanned skin, little sun-bleached hairs, freckles and a bold turquoise cuff on a wrist.  It brings out blue and green eyes but also plays off deeper brown hues, goes with white flowing tops or structured dark colors, looks right on blondes, brunettes and everything in between.  It’s just perfect.  It’s American without being in-your-face-American-flag-print, and has that wonderful rugged earthy quality.  Another great thing about it, is that it can be found in formal and more casual settings and even furthermore, it’s relatively inexpensive.  At pretty much any antique mall one ventures into, there is at least one wardrobe-essential turquoise piece—everything from a delicate small stone on a simple silver ring, or a grand and ornately worked necklace.

Travis David Smith with some of his work at the MFA & MDes Exhibit Opening

Travis David Smith with some of his work at the MFA & MDes Exhibit Opening

Turquoise doesn’t just have to be a Southwest thing—we can claim it in the Northwest too.  At the MFA & MDes Exhibition Opening at the Henry, artist Travis David Smith wore a silver and turquoise cuff with his crisp white button-down.  It gave him that added touch of something special, something unique.  Appearing at first to be just another guy in a button-down and pants, the turquoise cuff made him stand out in a subtle but still distinctive way.  Adding the right accessories to one’s look can make an outfit go up a level—especially for the warmer months, turquoise is that perfect pop of color in any form and for anyone.

Want to go looking for an antique turquoise piece? Try Antiques at Pike Place, 92 Stewart St.  They will certainly have all types of turquoise, plus it will be an enjoyable treasure hunt.

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