An All Saints, All-Seasons Essential

Posted on May 17, 2013, 1:43 pm
2 mins

Freeman Messanger Bag, All Saints

Freeman Messanger Bag, All Saints

The experience of a perfect warm Seattle Sunday: waking up early, putting on soft and faded denim with a loose tank top and some great leather sandals to visit the Ballard Farmers Market. They have all kinds of delicious vegetables and food trucks. People sit outside at the restaurants lining the street, sipping coffee, eating gelato and people-watching. After purchasing some organic cheese, pears and sweet crackers, make your way down to the waterfront to enjoy this perfect snack, bask in the sun and read a book. Wear a great straw hat to keep the face from getting too freckled. Afterwards, pick up a bottle of wine and go down to the docks, meet some friends and take out a boat to enjoy the warm afternoon.

The perfect accessory for this perfect day is a great bag. All Saints’ Freeman Messenger Bag is ideal for men and women on the move. A leather bag like this will last a lifetime and will always be practical and fashionable. Throw in a simple striped bathing suit, an old favorite summer read and some yummies for a full day. A leather bag works for men and women. It can be worn in warmer months with short-shorts and sandals and a bohemian tunic, or with a wool coat and great motorcycle boots in winter and fall. A leather messenger bag is a good investment that fits any lifestyle year-round.