Night Out: SAM Remix, March 2013

Posted on March 11, 2013, 2:54 pm
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"Remix" projection in the Brotman Forum

“Remix” projection in the Brotman Forum

The trumpet player accompanying DJ Jaymz Nylon

The trumpet player accompanying DJ Jaymz Nylon

This past Friday evening the Seattle Art Museum held its quarterly Remix party in celebration of its current exhibits, with special attention to European Masters: The Treasures of Seattle and Rembrandt, Van Dyck, Gainsborough: The Treasures of the Kenwood House, London. The SAM set-up activities throughout the space with this theme in mind. Guests could sit for an exaggerated cartoon drawing, keeping with the tradition of portraiture, or get more actively involved in their own creative process by making a wildly elaborate paper “wig” and sketching live models. “Highly Opinionated Tours” were led throughout the evening by Seattle creatives, such as Anna Telcs, Lorenzo Moog and Royal Alley-Barnes. Music was constant. Live cellists, singers and DJs added energy that kept the crowd moving and celebrating. And it was a crowd, indeed. As per usual for Remix, the event sold out and the museum was filled with art enthusiasts and Seattleites simply looking for a good time.

Guests exploring the European Masters exhibit

Guests exploring the European Masters exhibit

The most popular experience of the night was the burlesque Atomic Bombshells show, which was “inspired by the racy backstories of portraits featured in SAM’s special exhibits.” The campy show set the a tone of revelry for the rest of the evening, not just a muted appreciation for the works as is most typical in a museum during regular hours.  Personally, I now must have those amazing bedazzled skull pasties sported by one performer.

Just teasing.

This dramatic flair spread throughout the museum. People wore their goofy paper wigs with pride, danced without inhibition, and posed like a supermodels in front of art—which was of course, completely necessary. As the night went on, more guests arrived in almost theatrical clothing. Silhouettes and accessories became more exciting, and seeing the guests walk around the SAM was like viewing a performance. The gracefulness of a flowing dress, the fun of a unique hat, the sparkle on someone’s neck—these living touches of beauty and adornment complemented the beauty rendered in immortal stillness on the walls. Dressing up is simply so much more stimulating than dressing down, but it was especially true on a night of celebration at a the museum, where art and fashion meet and the usually muted halls were filled with music and laughter.

myself in front of a new, currently unidentified,  piece

Myself in front of a Frank Stella piece

The next SAM Remix is Friday June 7 from 8pm-midnight at the SAM Downtown.  It is never too late to join in on the fun, especially since cost is low, particularly for members. 

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