BPT Introduces Artist Tickets

Posted on January 26, 2013, 1:30 pm
2 mins

ArtistTic_LogoOn December 13th, 2012, Seattle’s own Fair-Trade ticketing company, Brown Paper Tickets, launched an innovative new program to help raise money for charity with the addition of the Artist Tickets. These attractive tickets have the artwork of selected artists printed on them for a limited run of 100,000 tickets. The inaugural release features the work of Ellen Forney and Jim Woodring.

Event producers are given the option to make Artist Tickets available to the purchasers of their tickets, and ticket purchasers are also given the option to receive either regular tickets at their regular price or Artist Tickets for an additional 25cents. When all 100,000 tickets are sold, it will add up to $25,000 for the selected charity. It was decided that this first run would be donated to the Victims of the Cafe Racer Shooting Memorial Fund.

The program got off to a running start with over 100 events making this option available to their purchasers within it’s first 10 days. At that time BPT’s Jimmy Berg hoped that the first run of Artist Tickets would be exhausted within 6 months. As this is intended to be a recurring program, new artists and a new charity will be chosen for each additional run. Instructions for submitting artwork and causes for consideration are available on the bottom of the Artist Ticket Program page on the Brown Paper Tickets website.

It is also worth mentioning that although both Brown Paper Tickets and the Victims of the Cafe Racer Shooting Memorial Fund are both based here in Seattle, both of these entities are internationally recognized. The Artist Tickets Program is available to any and all producers and purchasers in the United States and Canada who opt in. Given the international reach that this provides, it will be interesting to follow the progress of the program. I personally find it easy to imagine that as the awareness of this increases, the Artist Tickets will constitute the greater percentage of total tickets purchased.

It is recommended that Artist Tickets be purchased at least 10 days in advance to be certain that they arrive well in time of the event they are for.