A Visual and Aural Experience: Trimpin

Posted on January 07, 2013, 8:00 am
2 mins


We often think of art as a uniquely visual experience, but truth be told, it requires all of our senses—some pieces and artists more so than others. One such artist is Trimpin. He is acclaimed around the world for his talents as a “kinetic sculptor, musician, engineer, and sound artist.” Trimpin’s work has garnered such attention to earn him both the Guggenheim Fellowship and the MacArthur Fellows Program. His artwork is unique combining both invention and conceptual thoughts and often uses computer-based technology to further articulate the sound. His pieces can be described as “one gigantic instrument” rather then individual pieces pulled together.

Photo from the documentary "Trimpin: The Sound of Invention."

Photo from the documentary “Trimpin: The Sound of Invention.”

Just as sound is integrated seamlessly into our environment, so have Trimpin’s pieces. His work has been featured in many Pacific Northwest Museums including the Frye, the SAM, the Henry and the Tacoma Art Museum. The art gallery Winston Wächter will soon be added to the ranks as on January 15 the space will be opening a solo exhibition Klavier-Stücke (“Piano pieces”) to explore the work of Trimpin through objects and works that influence the artists and pieces created specifically for the exhibit.

The exhibit uses Trimpin’s expertise both as an inventor and a musician, and Winston Wächter describes it as a combination of “a multitude of elements in a curious, abstract and uniquely engineered manner, revealing the genius of the artist which is both visually and aurally stimulating.”

The gallery will also offer the unique opportunity to listen and learn from Trimpin. On February 5, Winston Wächter will feature an artist talk from 6-7:30 pm. Due to the nature of this artist lecture and the space for the pieces, it is necessary to RSVP. Please visit the gallery’s website at www.winstonwächter.com for more information regarding the event and the exhibit as a whole.

Claire Reiner is a writer, artist and recent graduate from the University of Washington’s School of Art with a major in Art History. She is interested in recent art movements and subcultures (1950s, 60s, 70s) and how they have shaped present perceptions and practices of art. She grew up in Southern California and moved to Seattle in 2010. She is quite influenced by the unique geography of both places and enjoys hiking and exploring the Pacific Northwest. Reiner covers visual art exhibits in Seattle and seeks to contribute to a profound and positive artistic community, as well as encourage people to come out and experience art moments for themselves. Reiner is also the Executive Assistant for VanguardSeattle and handles any press related needs.