12 Months of Blackbird Signature Scents

Posted on December 11, 2012, 8:40 am
2 mins


Blackbird by House of Matriarch

Blackbird Apothecary—Blackbird’s little sister just a few stores down at 5410 22Ave NW—has just begun a twelve-month series of signature “Blackbird” perfumes. They call it the Northwest Indie Perfumers Circuit, and each month a different “nez” will create a unique scent to be sold in store. The catch? They have to name the scent Blackbird and therefore it must have some tie-in to the name.

December started with the House of Matriarch. Matriarch captured the essence of the Puget Sound, while also giving the perfume a darker and more mysterious scent.  Although I could never pick up all the complexities of the over 100 notes, I certainly could appreciate it for its salty ocean smell, its rich smoky color, and the crystal bottle it comes in. In a store like Blackbird Apothecary, that has so many elegant displays, it is hard not to be drawn in by the mere look of the bottle. It brings to mind an old Hollywood fantasy of lightly spritzing your neck and wrists as you sit looking fabulous in silk undergarments.

Vanguard contributor Sheldon at Blackbird Apothecary

Blackbird Apothecary will host a party each month to introduce its new perfume.  This inaugural party was a well-attended success, with fashionable people milling about and smelling perfumes from the store’s unique glass testers. Others simply enjoyed hor d’oeuvres and specialty perfume drinks—yes, they actually spray perfume in the glass making it a—I was assured of this—“healthy” and aromatic experience.  There was also a raffle to win a bottle of perfume from the store. The party was an aromatic adventure, and with all the charming boutiques and restaurants in this area of Ballard, I recommend stopping in next month for a unique experience of fashion and fragrance.