Hermes 8 Ties: An Interactive Digital Installation by Miguel Chevalier

Posted on October 31, 2012, 6:18 pm
3 mins


A wave map which moves with sound and movement from the body. The patterns and shapes are inspired by mathematical symbols.

Hermes is celebrating its collaboration with artist Miguel Chevalier through their 8 Ties event ,which runs from the 31st of this month through the 6th November.

Digital artist Miguel Chevalier has fused his unique artwork with the much-loved, Paris-based, fashion house Hermes, and the Hermes Store in Bellevue is launching this Chevalier-inspired tie collection by presenting one of his installations near the Hermes store itself.

The Hermes store at the Bravern in Bellevue is grand and chic—characteristic of Hermes, which has been producing timeless and fashion forward pieces for decades. Hermes is currently carrying ties designed by Chevalier. Hermes is well known for its never-understated, bold prints on silk scarves and bespoke gentleman’s ties and never fails to deliver a style adored by people young and old. Not wanting Hermes’s print selection to in any way be dated, Artistic Director Veronique Nichanian has made a conscious decision to embrace the digital age in the current Hermes fall 2012 collection.

By forging a relationship with Miguel Chevalier, Hermes has successfully combined modern art with a timeless fashion peice: the gentleman’s tie. The 8 Ties autumn/winter collection 2012 is the fruit of the Hermes/Chevalier relationship. The ties are modern, yet traditional. They wouldn’t look out of place on a 20- or 90-year old man. Well done, Hermes.

This piece is also a binary wave map which moves with sound and movement from the body. The pattern is used in the Hermes tie autumn/winter collection.

The entrance to the Miguel Chevalier installation is only a few strides from the Hermes at Bravern store. This digital artwork is visually bold: It takes up the entire wall (approximately 50 feet long) and uses brightly lit patterns and a soundtrack—both of which are controlled by the movement of the viewer’s body. The music and imagery are hypnotic and truly draw one in with a feeling that is very of the moment—very now. It’s a must see. If you don’t get a chance to see Chevalier’s work at the Bravern installation, I strongly recommend you view at on his website.

The Hermes 8 Ties event at the Bravern, Bellevue is a celebration of the Chevalier and Hermes collaboration.