Editor’s Top 5: October 31, 2012

Posted on October 31, 2012, 8:09 pm
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Sarah seeks her inspiration from the true style influencers—artists, bohemians, rock-n-rollers, mystics, and intellectuals. Sharing her 5 favorites of the day that can be found around the Seattle community, our editor brings to readers: an eventful evening with Olivier Wevers, Terry Turrell at Grover/Thurston Gallery, Iconic Jewelry by VSA Designs, Persian Cuisine, and a Jimmy Choo Chelsea Boot

Olivier Wevers posing after recieving the Mayor’s Art Award in September

Seattle has become a place where innovators originate. From tech to cuisine, outerwear to the arts, it feels as though we are constantly on the edge of something new and big. For retired Pacific Northwest ballet principal, Olivier Wevers, the fruition of his dream to merge ballet and contemporary dance with social commentary came to pass 4 years ago with his dance company Whim W’Him. Those in the art scene have been enjoying spectacular performances by this humble yet brilliant choreographer and his dancers. Not only are the performances worth attending, but one of the best parties of the year is the Out On A Whim annual fundraiser this Saturday night. The crowd is refreshingly eclectic, stylish, upbeat and easy. The auction and dinner are followed by a lively time on the dance floor with Whim dancers. The first time I attended this event, I was a little intimidated by the idea of dancing on a dance floor with pros—freakishly good looking, young, stylish pros. But the crew of Whim W’Him dancers were so hospitable and friendly that I forgot to be self conscious. Olivier Wevers himself is not a diva, although he has every reason to be. I highly recommend getting tickets to this event before it’s sold out. You will certainly have a great time and be supporting a worthy project.

Terry Turrell Time Lapse showing at Grover/Thurston Gallery

I have certain galleries I’m sure to go to as habit. I like the familiarity of a place, the people who attend the opening regularly and the consistent quality one comes to expect from his or her favorite gallery. However, it’s important to break the routine and try new places whether they are well established or up and coming. In doing so we give ourselves an opportunity to see and hear new perspectives while also meeting new people. That’s why I am happy that our own T.s. Flock has been kind enough to put together a gallery guide for our readers. I’m personally looking forward seeing Terry Turrell’s exhibit and Grover/Thurston Gallery. After looking through each suggestion, this one attracted me for two reasons. First, I’ve never been to this particular gallery and would like to roll it into my routine; and second, the combination of oils, acrylic, wood, crayon and pencil used in Turrell’s work looked compelling to me on the Web and I would like to see these textural pieces in person.

VSA Designs

When Madonna hit the airwaves and magazine covers, I was in middle school. Mystified by how the pop star had taken a Marilyn Monroe template and crossed punk rock elements of style in an iconic, in-your-face rebel meets cult leader way, I ransacked my mother’s jewelry boxes looking for her rosary to wear. After applying too much makeup and teasing my bobbed hair, I topped off my outfit with a rosary that had belonged my great grandmother. My mother finally laid eyes on me after a school day had passed and she nearly fainted when she saw her sacred prayer beads around my neck. “You can’t wear those! It’s sacrilegious!” I took them off as fast as possible, because even though I was quite rebellious and ready to rock, I was always a well meaning catholic. When my oldest daughter announced that she wanted a Day of the Dead themed wedding in Mexico to take place on All Saints Day, I was ecstatic. I was also determined to find the best jewelry for her regal, Spanish and catholic look. I was thinking, “It’s too bad we can’t wear rosaries.” During my search for the perfect jewelry and a friend suggested VSA Designs available at the Bellevue Nordstrom. The necklaces are like rosaries with multiple strands, rich with catholic elements and icons for layering, without actually being rosaries. I was delighted to find enormous hoop earrings with crosses and rosettes adorning them in deep coppery tones. The jewelry line is all the rage right now and the pieces make a powerful style statement when worn together.

A delicious item from the lunch menu at Caspian.

The other day one of my foodie friends realized that there was a Persian family owned restaurant right next to her condo in Bellevue called Caspian Authentic Restaurant. It was previously located in the U District for many years and is now serving the east side. It’s strange for a foodie not to notice a unique dining option so close to home, so we decided to give it a try. The staff is congenial and hospitable, the food, a light, low fat, ethnic dining experience. For lunch we enjoyed the Joojeh kabobs and Fesenjun chicken breast with Bosmathi rice. Mastokiar on rice was a tasty vegetarian option. Next we want to try Barg marinated in saffron, white onion and  lemon. I am not much of a foodie because I like to watch my waistline, but who doesn’t love the chance to eat light and still have good food?

Jimmy Choo “Albert” Chelsea Boot in grey suede.

I discovered the Jimmy Choo Chelsea boot a few weeks ago while shopping for a client. He needed something to wear with jeans and suits in color that would transcend black or brown. Imagine my delight when I discovered the sleek, grey suede Chelsea on a mannequin. While celebrating his latest venture in San Francisco and wearing his new look, he spilled a little champagne on the toe, which was troubling because I convinced him that the shoe was worth the investment and that his concern over maintenance was a non issue. The stain quickly evaporated as if nothing ever happened, proving that this versatile boot is going to wear nicely and look good with everything. With the right item it should never be a question of “what will I wear this with?” but of “what won’t I wear this with?” A strong statement piece can also be surprisingly versatile. I never like it when an outfit falls apart at the shoe, and a good shoe can carry many outfits.

Sarah Caples has lived in Seattle since 2004 working as a fashion stylist for private clients. Sarah launched an art and society blog in 2008, along with a monthly salon at The Sorrento Hotel, which ran until June 2012. As executive editor of VanguardSeattle.com, Caples hopes to cultivate an informed dialog about regional culture and bring people of diverse backgrounds together in support of nonprofits, artists and community builders.

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  1. Katy Potts

    November 24th, 2012

    I know what you mean about Terry Turrnel – I really love that piece, hope it lived up to expectations in the flesh!! Do you know if you can get prints of it anywhere?