Juan Alonso Open Studio

Posted on October 08, 2012, 2:06 am
2 mins

This month’s first Thursday Artwalk at the Pioneer Square studio of Cuban artist Juan Alonso, one found an especially good vibe all around. Months ago, Alonso joined Seattle designer Carole McClellan in a collaboration where Carole used his art as prints on silk fabrics designing a t-shirt, kimono and scarves for Fashion Week’s Independent Designer Runway Show. On the heels of McClellan’s big win in Bellevue, sales of the scarves were on at Alonso’s studio.

“Over the years as my images and subjects have changed along with mediums and techniques; I have found that more than anything, humanity is the driving force in my work. The fact that I was born in Cuba, the quick loss of innocence I experienced as a young person in a foreign place, learning a new language, and growing up without my immediate family will always affect my work; sometimes more obviously than others. The politics that have made me an outsider intrigue me since they are almost always present, yet out of my control. Our fragile existence on this planet, the way we relate, love, isolate, and unnecessarily damage ourselves and the world we live in are fascinating topics, no matter how they are ultimately expressed. I am influenced by balance, perceived symmetry, alter-egos, architecture, growth & decay, weathered beauty, and sexuality.”

It’s a delight to see some of Juan Alonso’s pieces up close amidst the hospitable atmosphere that this open studio encapsulates. Juan Alonso participates in the first Thursday during the Pioneer Square Gallery Walk, 5-8pm.

2 Responses to: Juan Alonso Open Studio

  1. October 13th, 2012

    Love it Juan! As always you are amazingly talented.

    • Juan

      October 24th, 2012

      Thank you, Ms Blackburn!