Seattle Asian Art Museum

Posted on September 24, 2012, 2:32 am
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Seattle Asian Art Museum. Many Arrows from Rama’s Bow: Paintings of the Ramayana
September 1–December 2, 2012

Currently showing at the Asian Art Museum:

One of the world’s most captivating stories, the Ramayana, has inspired artists in India for more than 1500 years. The moral and epic struggles of kings, warriors, wives and brothers effortlessly traverse the worlds of humans, animals, gods and demons. In a special collaboration with the San Diego Museum of Art, the Seattle Art Museum will present an exhibition of art depicting scenes and heroes of the Ramayana.

Visitors will follow the unfolding of the dramatic narrative, become familiar with its protagonists and learn the underlying philosophical and devotional meanings of the Ramayana in this presentation of nearly 40 paintings of stunning quality—many of which have never been shown before. Representative works from a variety of regions, social classes and time periods reveal how artists depicted the same story in marvelously diverse means of visual expression, thereby testifying to the Ramayana’s timeless appeal.

–Sonya Quintanilla, Ph.D., Curator of Asian Art, San Diego Museum of Art

Upon entering the gallery at the Seattle Asian Art Museum, one is immediately drawn to the intricate detail in each picture. Originally painted on walls by village women in India, this epic tale now stands prominently on the walls of the gallery on paper and cloth. Each picture brings the tale of the Ramayana to life in it’s own unique way. To see it in person is to behold artistic talent and story telling in joyful harmony.

Seattle Asian Arts Museum: Many Arrows from Rama’s Bow. Paintings of the Ramayana. September 1–December 2, 2012