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King’s Landing is officially screwed, and it’s all pretty much thanks to one woman: Cersei
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Well, we finally got a look at what happened when Eddard Stark climbed the Tower
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Since Game of Thrones began, we have not seen Daenerys Targaryen in Westeros. She and
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Cocktails & Spoilers: 25 Cocktails for Game of Thrones Season 6

Flock / Jul 1, 2016
Season 6 of Game of Thrones is over, and it was quite the bloodbath. For those who have not fully caught up,
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Love and Wine Flow Freely at Warm Springs Inn

Castelli-Leff / May 18, 2016
Each year around Mother’s Day, my mother and father would work together planting their flower and vegetable gardens. My mother taught me
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 #VSinPDX Great food, drinks, art and conversation at PNCA tonight, celebrating night 2 of #Converge45. Stop by soon and see diverse shows, including a collection of works by Bruce Nauman on loan from the Jordan Schnitzer foundation. #pdx #portland #pnca #art #party #artyparty @converge_45
 #VSinPDX Making the rounds in the Pearl District and Old Town for #Converge45. This weekend is the closing of the current shows at Elizabeth Leach Gallery, including MK Guth's solo colorful, playful woven fabric sculptures. #sculpture #color #artgallery #art #mkguth #portland #pdx
 #VSinPDX Get your walking shoes on, Portland! This afternoon, over 40 arts venues are waiting to be explored around town as national and international arts advocates and enthusiasts convene for #Converge45. We started the day at PAM (where you can see these shoes made of repurposed computer parts by Barry Ace in the exhibition of fashions by Native American designers and artists). At PAM you can also see the recently opened show of work by Josh Kline (featuring some very sinister Teletubbies). Happy Saturday! #fashion #shoes #art #design #pdx #portland #portlandartmuseum @converge_45 @portlandartmuseum
 #VSinPDX Timely. It's opening night of the inaugural Converge 45 in Portland, a citywide celebration of arts and ideas, in collaboration with dozens of galleries and institutions. The reception at Wieden + Kennedy features a group show with work by Ann Hamilton, Tannaz Farsi, David Horvitz among others...and (pictured) an installation by Ariana Jacob. Get out and see some art this weekend, Portland! #art #pdx #politics #election #feels #arianajacob #converge45 #visualart @converge_45
 #fbf to last weekend's @chblockparty Check out what VS music writer Vanessa Young had to say about it in "Taking Back The Main Stage: Capitol Hill Block Party 2016" live at now! Photography by Christopher Reicks #music #festival #CHBP2016 #concert #party

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